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Read all about the RESTART project and its results!
November 5, 2020 News

CONTEXT The evolution of European industries is supported by digital solutions and is depicted in what is so-called “Industry 4.0”. A survey conducted by the European Social Fund on the monitoring of the professional needs of the industry reveals a mismatch between demand and supply of skilled workforce. Businesses demand workers specialized in digital skills

RESTART: a commitment to industry 4.0
January 19, 2020 News

On January 19th, the RESTART – Digital Training Toolbox to Foster EU’s Industry 4.0 Revolution project, led by EVM, concluded after 2 years of intense work in the field of digital skills and digital transformation of business environments. Made up of an international consortium of 8 European entities, RESTART is a clear commitment to the

Digital skills fundamental to facilitate integration of migrants in host countries
January 15, 2020 News

On January 14th 2020, Enaip Veneto participated in the conference Building a Whole-of-Society Approach to Emerging Migration and Integration Challenges at the OECD Centre. The conference tackled emerging challenges such as changing labor markets, technological advances, forced displacement and population dynamics. The labor market is changing fast: 14% of jobs across the OECD face a high likelihood of automation and

Economy 4.0: shaping a future that works for everybody
December 9, 2019 News

On the 4th December 2019 36.6 Competence Centre (Scotland) attended the latest AER (Assembly of European Regions) meeting, which took place in Brussels. The meeting was based on the Economy 4.0 and how changes taking place would affect the economy through innovations, education and sustainability. The meeting included 4 workshops in which 36.6 CC (Scotland)

November 7, 2019 News

On Tuesday 15th October, the final conference of the RESTART 4.0 project was held: an important moment for the presentation of the tools developed and the main results emerged. The two-year project, started in October 2017, has allowed to foster relations between the industrial sector and professional training institutions in order to improve the matching

October 8, 2019 News

The final Conference of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “RESTART 4.0” (Digital Training Toolbox to FosteR EU’S IndusTry 4.0 RevoluTion) will be held in Padua, Italy. With Industry 4.0 constantly developing at an unprecedented rate, the world of education and work is having to adapt its methods

What is the connection between Industry 4.0 and industrial data analysis?
July 24, 2019 News

When asking a question like this, one must look a little deeper. Understanding the meaning behind industrial data is basically the way to see the connection with Industry 4.0. The real question is not how these two are connected but how are they not!

Industry 4.0 and its effect on e-commerce
July 5, 2019 News

In the real world of business, e-commerce is the new way of things. It is not a new practice and it has been helping the worldwide market to take the next step.

Industry 4.0 and Labour Market in Italy
July 3, 2019 News

Every year, Italian Chambers of Commerce publish a survey containing a detailed forecast of labour market needs in Italy.

Training course “Introduction to 4.0 for SMEs”
July 2, 2019 News

On 7th June 2019 the innovative training course called “Restart 4.0” started on the premises of Enaip Veneto in Padova.