E-commerce strengthens its advance in Spain

E-commerce strengthens its advance in Spain
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In the third quarter of 2018, e-commerce revenue experienced a year-on-year growth rate of 29.9% and exceeds 10.1 billion, which reflects the good performance of the sector. This is stated in the report of the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), published at the beginning of April.

This trend is not new, and year after year the turnover of online businesses increases. Thus, the report also highlights the steady growth since 2013, which has intensified since 2017, reaching growth records in 2018 (1st and 3rd quarter).


Source: CNMC pregabalin tablets for sale

Other key findings are the following:

Travel Agencies and tour operators; Air transport and Hotels and similar accommodation were the activity sectors with the highest revenue during the reference period.


Source: CNMC


Regarding geographical segmentation, 33,7% took place within Spanish borders. 47,9% from Spain to other countries and the remaining 19% from abroad to Spain, which means that Spanish ecommerces websites have earned 52,7% of the turnover during the reference period.


Source: CNMC


In addition, it also increases the number of transactions: more than 170 million transactions were registered – up 34.7%. In terms of geographical distribution, 40.2% of transactions were registered on Spanish websites and 59.7% on foreign websites.

Turnover of transactions from Spain to foreign locations reached 4.787 billion euros. 94,5% of purchases from Spain abroad was sent within European Union, followed by USA.

In conclusion, e-commerce  continues to advance positions and arouse the interest of consumers, companies and administrations. Do you think e-commerce is not for your business?

Source: e-commerce data available on the CNMCData portal http://data.cnmc.es/datagraph/